April Issue of Endurance Magazine

Article by Martin Zimmerman of CABA – “The Future of Cycling in North Carolina – Will Charlotte Set the Example ?” Martin describes the history of advocacy beginning in 1997 and continuing until the current City Wide Bike Plan effort.

Excerpt: “For Charlotte and its sister cities in North Carolina to catch up to communities elsewhere may seem like a daunting task. Portland Oregon is one of the top 10 best bicycling cities in the U.S.., and its track record is something to marvel. Since citywide bike programs began there in earnest in the early 1990’s the number of bike commuters from some neighborhoods compared to other forms of traffic is risen to upwards to 13.9 percent. Overseas, Paris’ Velib bike rental program — the name combines velo (bicycle) and liberte (freedom) — opened last July and registered an astounding two million trips in its first 40 days…” Click Endurance for full text.

Thanks to local luminaire and bicycle courier Bill Fehr’s personal blog (it is a terrific undertaking !) who provided us with this link. And make sure to pick up a copy of Endurance at your local bike shop. For full directory of bike shops click the Resources tab of this website.


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